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Services We Offer

We offer start - to - finish roofing and exterior solutions for every residential or commercial project. We tailor the proper product and approach to your specific circumstance; be it repair or replacement. 

Are you looking to repair or replace your roof? We are here to help! 


  •  What services do we provide?  
    Top Hat Roofers Specialize in all forms of roofing services, including shingle roofs, flat roofs, slate roofs and clay roofs 

  •   Who can we help?  
    Our customers are both residential homeowners as well as large-scale commercial businesses looking for Roofing Services. 
    No project is too large or too small for us, our special crews are assembled based on project size. 

  •    How can I start? 
    It all starts with a free, no-obligation, on-site estimate from a professional assessor, and follows up with a price quote, to allow the customer to consider our proposal.

Shingle Roofs
  • Shingle roofs are what most Chicago homeowners find on their roofs. 

  • We only use top brand names like (IKO, GAF, OWENS CORNING) for purchasing and installing our materials. 

  • We can install complete roofing systems, with aluminum flashing, waterproof underlayment, ice and water shield leak barrier protection, as well as ridge cap shingles, and GAF’s lifetime Timberline HD shingles to complete the project. 

Flat vs Shingle Roofs
  • Flat roofs tend to deteriorate faster than shingled roofs because they don’t have a pitch and so the water puddles. 

  • Many manufacturing warranties only last 5-10 years on flat roofs, because of the wear and tear expected from water, ice, and snow remaining on the roof surface for a long duration of time. 

  • We are flat roof experts, from using SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheet installations, to Karnak brand roofing and flashing cement, our flat roofing projects receive help from over 20 years of flat roofing experience to produce the most watertight surface possible on a customer’s home.


Are your gutters old, leaking, and hanging off the house? At Top Hat Roofers, we offer custom seamless aluminum replacement gutters that are custom fabricated on-site at your home, so that your new gutters will last a lifetime. We offer gutter replacement services to fix all your residential or commercial gutter needs. Available in a variety of colors, our replacement gutters are the best of the best in Illinois. 

  • Old broken gutters cause a home to lack the proper drainage system during heavy periods of rain. 

  • Without properly functioning gutters, rainwater can damage a house, a foundation, or leak into a roof or siding or fascia board, which cause wood rot damage and water infiltration. 

  • Replacing the old gutters on your home will not only be a change in the exterior appearance but also allow water to be diverted away from your house during rain and storms. 

    About our gutters:

  • Our seamless replacement gutters are made of aluminum, so we come with a special gutter machine that customizes the gutter on-site. This will make one long seamless gutter unit from beginning to end, customized to the length of your home. 

  • Having one long seamless gutter prevents water from leaking between pieces. 

  • Our seamless gutters are also constructed with hidden fasteners instead of nails to give the gutter a cleaner appearance, and ensure the security of the gutters. 

  • New siding makes a house look brand new from the curbside, adding resale value, and visual appeal. It also helps protect a home from various weather storms and situations.  

  • With new siding renovation, a house benefits from the waterproofing and temperature benefits of new insulation. 

  • This can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a home’s energy bills, which essentially helps the siding project pay for itself. 

Insurance and other Maintenance work
  • In addition to roofing, siding and gutters, at Top Hat Roofers, we perform all exterior services relating to the outside of your house. 

  • This includes waterproofing, soffit and fascia replacement and other services. 

Need assistance? 

Give us a call, and a member of our team will be happy to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate to go over your exterior home improvement project with you. 

We want you to start your project off on the right foot. If you're not sure what needs to be done, schedule a free inspection of your roof by one of our trained professionals." 

If you have any questions or would like a free inspection, we’re happy to work with your insurance company and answer any questions you have. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with high quality roofing services. 


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